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Quick Beginner Meditation: 10 Minute Meditation Technique


This quick beginner meditation comes from “Britain’s Top Meditation Teacher”

At least that is what The Times of London called Andy Puddicombe.  Puddicombe’s message is simple.  In just 10 minutes a day, your stress will evaporate, you will sleep better, wake up refreshed with more energy and enthusiasm, and boost your immune system. These are all clinically proven benefits of a quick beginner meditation program like the one described in the excerpt below.

But on a Wednesday night last month, Andy Puddicombe, whom The Times of London once called “Britain’s top meditation guru,” stood before about 100 young, stylish New Yorkers on his first professional visit to the United States. He was hoping to turn the studio into the world’s most smartly accessorized zendo.

“What would New York look like if everyone took just 10 minutes out of their day to step back from it all?” Mr. Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk, asked in his rubbery Bristol accent. He was trying out his message — that inner peace can be achieved in meditation sessions shorter than the average cab ride — on an invitation-only audience of harried fashion editors, hedge funders and advertising executives.

Outside, the roar of a motorcycle shredded the springtime evening calm. In the rear row, a leggy woman in a black miniskirt tapped away on her BlackBerry.

“New York is undoubtedly my biggest challenge yet,” he said later. Mr. Puddicombe, 38, has made a career of promoting a quick and easy, religion-free brand of meditation, aimed at busy professionals who would ordinarily recoil at the smell of incense. He teaches quick beginner meditation techniques that can be practiced on a crowded subway or even while wolfing a sandwich (albeit, mindfully) during a quick lunch break at your desk.

Next year, he and his business partner, Rich Pierson (a former client), plan to move their nonprofit organization, Headspace, to the United States and set up operations in New York, Miami and Los Angeles.  Read more of this article at the New York Times.

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