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Reinventing Meditation Techniques For Teens – Yoga Yoga Austin

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reinventing meditation for teens

Yoga Yoga in Austin Texas is reinventing meditation for teens in it's many Yoga meditation classes.

Teenagers and adults are learning yoga meditation techniques to improve their life.  In many cases, they are reinventing themselves to a completely new and better life.  The meditation techniques for teens are particularly powerful.

This special report in The Lone Star Dispatch profiles Yoga Yoga.  Started 14 years ago in a private home in Austin TX, there are now 5 locations teaching 350 yoga meditation classes every week.

Benton practices yoga in traditional style with a wrinkly white robe and pants.  His white and gray beard glistens and his eyes close as he focuses on his “third eye, the intuition chakra.”
“I think yoga allows you to reinvent yourself. It gives you a new set of tools to become the person you want to be. It kinda empowers you to do that for yourself,” Benton said.
Some yoga teachers have been taught under specific training programs to become certified teachers. The training programs at Yoga Yoga are: Kundalini 200-hour, Hatha 200-hour, Flow-based Hatha 200-hour, and advanced studies 500-hour. They ask people to have a GED or be graduated from high school before they become certified as a yoga teacher.
“We train people to be professional teachers, have a good foundation, understand anatomy, and have a great personal practice. After training, you become a qualified yoga teacher,” Benton said.
There are over 100 currently teaching with Yoga Yoga now, but the center has trained hundreds over the years.

Michaela Barrett, an employee at the University of Texas, has taken some classes at Yoga Yoga and said she benefits from the exercises.
“It’s a whole body movement activity without the distractions of competition, industrial equipment (like treadmills or machines) or speed. In our society, we’re usually either sedentary or rushing through a high-speed exercise routine. Yoga, like walking or tai chi, is movement and exercise, but at a pace that allows us to pay attention to and get comfortable in our bodies,” Barrett said.
Some yogis prefer to practice in their own home, beneath dimmed lights and silence.
“I mostly practice it at my house with the lights dimmed to create a soothing area. I do it with my mom, my friends, or anyone who’s interested. If that’s only me, then I do it by myself, usually later in the evening to give my day a pleasant ending,” Bulldog junior Samantha R. said.
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Are you concerned that a yoga studio teaching meditation techniques for teens is expanding so fast that it has 5 locations in Austin?  Does that suggest they are too commercial, or perhaps their fast growth means that they really are reinventing meditation practices for teens and teenagers in Texas have an opportunity to experience something very special.

What is your take on this?  We love hearing from you!

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