How To Meditate

Repackaging Zen for Oak Park

In order to reach more people this clever group decided to use the internet more effectively and has discovered lots of new ways to do that. In addition to outer changes, the Zen Master, Robert Althouse is reaching his students with less intimidating Zen meditation practice. 

“When I meditate,” he explained, “I find that my mind calms down. And when my mind calms down, I can be in touch with a deeper wisdom. I don’t think it’s my self. I think it’s something bigger than my self. I don’t understand it, but I feel like I can …

Wednesday Journal

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Where there used to be black robes and serious thoughtful meditations, Althouse has tried to make the Zen approach more compatible to american life. Using the freedom and strong spirit of the typical american and the power of Zen to open this practice up to more than anyone expected.

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