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Safe Meditation Techniques – Love, Shamanism and Women

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Choose safe meditation techniques if you are emotionally fragile

Most meditation techniques are very safe.  But occasionally a person who is already psychologically vulnerable, or emotionally fragile will experience negative side effects from meditation.  Techniques that are almost completely safe are available.

In the article below, author Stacey Neymour tells of a friend of hers who was emotionally abused by a male friend.  This lead to a serious emotional crises in the woman. Fortunately she was able to get treatment from a shamanic practitioner who put her back on the right path.

Safe Meditation Techniques For Women

Anytime someone has a tendency to dissociate or find their awareness isn’t fully in their body at unexpected moments they can become more vulnerable to all the things you described that your friend experienced. As women, we often have a hard time fully being in our bodies. So, moderate meditation balanced with physical activity is great. But multiple hours a day of meditation can increase any tendency to dissociate, especially in trauma survivors because meditation is in itself an exercise of separating our minds from our physical reality!

When we’re not in our bodies we are disconnected from our healthy boundaries, sense of self and personal power. It makes us more vulnerable to other people’s energies and unhealthy relationships. Activities such as yoga, qi gong, tai chi, or other martial arts combine a wonderful balance of spiritual and physical connection. However, hours of sitting meditation and focused Kundalini work have been a catalyst for a full breakdown for more than one of my clients.

Much of modern meditation wisdom was developed for men. Men are often very connected to earth and have a hard time connecting to spirit, so meditation helps create a balance, whereas women are often very connected to spirit and have a hard time connecting to earth and to being fully in our bodies. Multiple hours of meditation can increase the imbalance for women. I highly recommend trauma survivors, whether male or female, receive other healing such as soul retrieval before undertaking meditation. Read the original story here

I don’t agree with everything in this article.  For example to suggest that someone needs “soul retrieval” before undertaking meditation is not something I would suggest.

But the overall theme of finding safe meditation techniques for women is a good and valuable thing to advocate for.

What’s you opinion?


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