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Say “Good Bye” to Stress


Learn to relax and meditate, no matter where you are!

When we are triggered in daily life, stress is our reaction.  A simple traffic jam can derail our day into a series of frustrations and cause our stress levels to affect our interactions with everyone we meet.  The question is, ‘why do we allow this to happen to us?’  Why do we choose to resist things and situations that are out of our control?  In the article below from the blog, it is pointed out that the traffic does not have an agenda. It is just other people trying to get where they are going, just like you are.

When we resist situations in life, we are choosing to adopt a certain perception of the event.  It is this perception that counts.  It can make us or break us.  When we learn to change our perception and see things as opportunities, then we allow more good to come into our lives.  This is where meditation comes in.  Meditation can assist you in controlling your knee-jerk reaction to things and events.  You can learn to say “good bye!” to stress by focusing on the good things that happen to you and by changing your perception and outlook on the moment.

Say “Good Bye” to Stress

1. Meditate. Being fully in the present and aware of every moment rather than letting your thoughts move to the future or the past, is exceptionally calming and uplifting. In meditation, you can master your thoughts and emotions and choose to think about ANY situation in a more positive light. Relax, and feel your oneness with everything. ‘See’ your face in the face of others and treat them in your thoughts as you would love to be treated. Feel your energy radiating from you. Is that energy positive? If not, how can you change your thoughts and emotions to radiate positive energy? If your energy is positive, know that what you consider to be happy and good, is on its way back to you! If your energy is negative, you have the power to change it.  (Full article here)

Learning how to relax is also beneficial. In relaxing, you let go of tension and stress and are then free to recognize hidden benefits and silver linings that exist in each situation.  You can also actively visualize a positive outcome for any situation. See it in your mind and know that it is already yours.  This elevates your energy and can help you to keep stress away.  And isn’t that what you want, anyway?

You can say “good bye” to stress and create a more positive view of everything that happens in your life through meditation, relaxation and visualization.  Ready to give it a try?

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