Meditation Techniques

Signs of True Meditation


1415067334285_Two-people-meditatingStuck in a rut? Don’t worry, most people who are new to meditation often find themselves in a place wherein they feel that they are not going anywhere or that what they are practicing is wrong. Assurance is what they need and not everyone can distinguish these signs. For someone to continue something, they need to feel secure that the steps they are taking are on point.

It doesn’t necessarily have to come from you, sometimes even the people around you will be the ones to point out how noticeably different you’ve become because of your new habit of meditation. So what are the ones you can spot for yourself?

1.      You are now more often at ease and relaxed compared before. Stress may come daily in our lives, but ever since you’ve practiced meditation, you don’t get easily tensed and worked up about the little things. You work better under pressure and handle people better as well!

2.      A better sense of focus has been developed. If before you find yourself lost and running out of time because of too much procrastination, and now you seem to finish work much faster, then that is a clear result of meditation! Concentration is essential in many aspects of life and to have it honed and sharpened is the best benefit you can get.

3.      Notice the unusual happenings during meditation. You may feel your heartbeat getting irregular and your body moving to the sound of it, or maybe finding yourself lost in a deep dark room with lights flashing before you. Don’t think you’re crazy just yet; these are great and clear signs that you have gotten into a deeper state and gives you a better chance to find yourself more fully.

4.      Your posture is getting better and your confidence is boosted up as well! When muscles are all twisted and tensed, they tend to affect you physically and render your body not in the best shape. Meditation relaxes these muscles and gives you a better stance and posture that lifts your self-esteem as well.

5.      Response development increases when meditating. Often times, we get careless with our actions and regret them right after we’ve done them. When meditating, your mind explores different scenarios wherein we are most likely to experience. This process gives you the chance to develop certain responses faster so as to be more careful of your actions.

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