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Single Girl in L.A.: I Took a Tantric Meditation Class


A young woman decides to take advantage of a workshop on Tantric meditation, she shares her some of her unique month long experience. Twice a week for four weeks she found out that there is a lot to learn and it isn’t all about sex.

So, it had been awhile, and I figured why not take a Tantric meditation workshop, you know, really take advantage of my single status, and learn something (important?) — rather than let single-life frustration get the better of me.)

All I knew beforehand was that the workshop included a component during which everyone would pair off to hold each other. Although I was intrigued by the entire Tantric concept, I was also, (like Bruce Springsteen before me), “just looking for some human touch.”

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She bravely shared her awareness of her feelings during the sitting yab-yum  or “holding each other” exercise admitting that it was really personal, and how each person she held had different energy and responses. Such a simple technique can be very powerful for a person who is in need of experiencing safe touching.


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