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Six Tips to Meditate with Music


1408078146731_meditation-musicDespite gaining popularity and a general increase in awareness, most people still have limited understanding about the principles of meditation. Meditation music is a relatively modern practice and is an area not fully appreciated. Learn how you can improve your meditation time with music by considering the tips below.

 Tip 1. Remove any prejudice.

As a beginner, you must remove any preconceived bias in order to enjoy the benefits of meditation. Your preconceptions can be misguided information which can prevent you from practicing out the activity. Set your mind to that of a beginner: passionate to learn and eager to discover.

Tip 2. Find what works for you.

It is a fact that some methods do not really incorporate music. If you are trying the breathing concentration technique, then you really can’t listen to music. If you are listening to music, then it is unlikely that you can attentively focus on practicing your mantra. Fortunately, mindfulness meditation is very versatile and you can practice it with the music of your choice.

Tip 3. Listen to what you enjoy.

Most people meditate to experience relaxation. However, meditation goes deeper than relaxation and brings you to a new level of alertness and focus.  Mindfulness meditation does not seek to bring you to a certain state but encourages you to be aware. This is why mindfulness meditation is also called insight meditation.  Mindfulness meditation encourages you to work with what you discover as you get more insight.

Listening to music allows you to reflect and explore, leading you to the process of self-discovery. It does not necessarily have to be spiritual or relaxation music. If this certain kind of music stimulates you to discover more about yourself, then by all means use it. Music is supposed to give you pleasure so listen to the kind of music you actually enjoy.

Tip 4. Be at ease.

It is important to consider the environment where you meditate. Use the music which you think is appropriate and can encourage alertness and relaxation. Aim for a comfortable position in order to enjoy the music.

Tip 5. Take it seriously.

Do not multitask. Focus and pay attention. You are supposed to give a certain level of effort when you meditate. Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not about ‘emptying the mind’ or ‘doing nothing’. Practice with the music that really encourages you to stick to the plan.

Tip 6. Be flexible.

Any kind of music can help you attain a deeper state but keep in mind that the depth of your meditation is not the basis of a satisfying experience. Know that some kinds of music can definitely guide you with your insight while some are really just for your auditory pleasure. It’s up to you to determine which are beneficial for you and which are not. Be open to other possibilities. Using meditation music can actually be very powerful if used correctly.

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