How To Meditate

Spinning Sanity one Strand at a Time


This is an interesting article about an active meditation technique. The woman uses a spinning wheel to induce her into her altered state, her hands are doing their work without her thinking about it and the wheel keeps a rhythm going for the mind to focus on. Later, when she is done there is little or no memory of creating the yarn.

Thoughts may come in unbidden, but the point of meditation is to think as little as possible, and just “be.” So I have to come up with something to do during which my mind can focus on being mindless. If that makes any sense. I’ve practiced yoga on and

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Many artists experience an altered state while they work. Painters, writers and musicians all say they get into a zone during the creative process, blocking out all other thoughts and even conversations. Art as therapy works so well because it engages both sides of the brain and that helps integrate and process information more fully.

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