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Squeezing Meditation In

Time to Meditate!!

Time to Meditate!!

You probably have your planner filled up with countless meetings and appointments, as well as due dates and deadlines, possibly even a few lunch outs here and there with a client. These may range from your career to social engagements and family affairs. With your busy and fast-paced life, you may forget one of the most essential and most beneficial things you could ever do—breathe.

This is one of the simplest forms of meditation there is. Minding your breaths and closing your eyes for a measly few seconds or minutes can drastically uplift your mood. You’ll be surprised by how this technique can do you wonders.

Pausing for a moment as you eat your food or head into the meeting room to just breathe is a start in squeezing in meditation into your very strenuous schedule. After doing so, you can try take it to a grander scale. Make your 30-second breathing exercise to a good 4 or 5 minute ones. Here are a few tips to help you get started.


Find your own space.

And this doesn’t only mean any spot you find in your house. Find a place where you are your most happy and feel your chakra flowing most. Once you have, rid it of any distractions which can take your mind off the task at hand which is meditation. Stay away from gadgets and social media, kids and pets, and work as well. Make it your safe space where no one can bother you and where only your voice is the only sound you hear.


Be in your most comfortable position.

Posture is crucial in meditation. A straight back and chin high can better your feeling and mood altogether. Of course, there are also the traditional meditation positions (most popular is the Lotus) which have been proven and tested by people who practice meditation.


Don’t let go of focus.

Focus is your key in achieving the best form of meditation you can have. Don’t let outdoor noise or even internal turmoil throw you off your state. Focus on your breaths and on how your abdomen moves with each inhale and exhale. Move to the feeling of this and let your thoughts wander the inside of your fascinating mind.


Make it a habit.

Find a time at each day where you only have meditation to do. Make it consistent so that as each day passes, it will feel more and more natural. Soon enough, you will be doing it in longer durations with your mind in less of a fuss and always performs at its best.

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