How To Meditate

Starting Out with Meditation


1406752912946_inner-voiceTrying to begin a habit is one of the most difficult tasks you will go through especially if you know that it will better you and your lifestyle ultimately. One of the practices that is well-known for having benefited millions of people around the globe is meditation. Some people go to yoga classes and meditation circles in order to help themselves with it, but you don’t have to do the same. You can start it even from the comfort of your house!

Beginning meditation can be very difficult, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here are a few tips for all the people only getting started:


·         Find a comfortable environment.

This is the first step in taking to start the habit. Don’t just settle with anywhere where you know you can’t achieve your fullest and calmest self. Make sure that you are comfortable and at ease because that is what you’re going to be trying to be in in the first place. So whether you find serenity in a busy and noisy environment, or a dark and warm place, by all means, do so!


·         Adopt a mantra or word to focus on.

The most common stereotype there is of meditation is that it comes with uttering the “ohm” repeatedly and in a slow fashion. While you can use this as well, there are many other methods to keep yourself focused. Some use mantras or Sanskrit words, others even images. Whatever keeps your head in its mindful state, adopt it, and use it well.


·         “I just can’t seem to focus.”

When you’ve said this to yourself more times than you should, there’s clearly something wrong. Maybe it’s the setting or your simple position. Things like these matter. Find what’s keep you uneasy and simply breathe in and breathe out. Set your back out straight and let the energy and oxygen flow through your entire body.


·         Follow through for a few days.

It takes days for something to officially be formed into a habit. So don’t just start out for the first days, follow through. It may only take 5 to 10 minutes out of your day (with longer intervals in the weekends) to get meditation fixated in your system! Once it has, the practice will simply come as a natural thing for you to do on a daily basis.

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