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Stop Overthinking: 5 Ways to Declutter Your Mind


1405736254182_declutter-your-mindDo you find yourself constantly thinking about something someone had said to you weeks ago? Do you have a hard time sleeping because you brain won’t stop anticipating tomorrow’s events? Are you often worried about everything? How you look? What you’ll eat? Do you often feel anxious and tense?

If your answer is yes, then you have an overactive mind.

Overthinking leaves you restless, and worried. Repeatedly thinking about the mistake you did three days ago will definitely make you upset. It also consumes most of your time- time you could be spending on doing something you enjoy. Reminiscing regrets and failures, even anticipating future tragedies will fill you with negativity and self-doubt. The worst part is that you are often unaware that you are already doing it.

If you feel the need for little moments of peace, here are some ways to calm your hyperactive mind:

1.                  Breathe

Take a slow and deep breath when you feel overwhelmed by what’s going on inside your head. Give yourself at least three minutes of relaxation. You may also look for a breathing exercise that suits your preferences. This will help you practice proper breathing during stressful situations.

2.                  Enjoy the present

Focus on what is currently happening. If you are finishing a report, channel your thoughts on the information you’re working on. Multi-tasking may give you a sense of accomplishment but doing one thing at a time is actually more effective.

If it’s your day-off, allow yourself to be schedule-free. Do what you want to do without thinking of the time constraint. Make the most out of the 24 hours of not having your time be limited by appointments and meetings. If you want cross an item of your bucket list, just do it!

3.                  Stop watching TV

Television news often gives you cases of death, murder, and rape around you. It gives you a threatening image of the world. After watching an episode, of your favorite show, you find yourself wondering, ‘Why can’t I have her job, her hair, her boyfriend?’ It makes you insecure about yourself and dissatisfied with life.

4.                  Eat healthy

Avoid too much sugar, caffeine and alcohol. These affect your thought processes. They have a huge impact on your mental functions. If you become fidgety when nervous, it’s best to avoid carbonated drinks and coffee. Before you eat or drink something, be sure to know how your body will respond to it.

5.                  Exercise

A simple 30-minute walk around your neighbourhood could help a lot. You may listen to soft music, or practice your breathing exercises while doing so. You may also jog in your local park—connect with nature through listening to the singing of birds or simply enjoying the fresh air.

Overthinking kills. It stresses you out, and even sucks the joy out of every waking hour. Practice these steps to control your overwhelming thoughts. The key is learning to balance your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Live in the present. Stop worrying. Just breathe.

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