How To Meditate

Switch off, Chip in, Be Happy, Say Activists


It’s kind of funny that the website that suggests we break away from using technology was getting 4000 hits a minute. Even the thought of shutting down the phone or leaving the house without it, brings anxiety to many people. The new group Action for Happiness says that is exactly what the problem is.

The group’s website — which Layard said was receiving 4000 hits per minute on Tuesday — advises happiness-seekers to help others, exercise and pursue goals, as well as meditate, take a break from technology and organize a street party.

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The main external factor affecting a person’s happiness is the quality of their relationships, at home, at work and in the community. And the main internal factor is their underlying mental health,”

Incorporating meditation techniques into your daily life supports mental and physical health. There are new studies coming out every month about the benefits of regular meditation. Slow down for a few minutes and breathe, you will feel better.

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