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Synchronicity is Dancing to the Rhythm of the Cosmos


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Synchronicity is Dancing to the Rhythm of the Cosmos

Synchronicity is dancing to the rhythm of the cosmos; it’s awakening to the miracles that are happening all around us.
What is synchronicity, and if miracles are happening around us all the time why can’t we see them?

Let’s start with synchronicity.

We have all experienced events in our lives that seem to defy the laws of probability and logic, or found ourselves enjoying moments when everything was going just right and we knew, intuitively, “we’re in the flow.”
You pull in the parking lot of a crowded mall and find that perfect parking space or you’re thinking of a friend you haven’t seen a long time and at very moment the phone rings and they’re on the other end.
Often when these events happen we think of them as good luck, karma, coincidence, or we may even call them a miracle. Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist, coined the term “Synchronicity” to describe these moments of meaningful coincidences.
No matter how we choose to define them, we do have a choice, we can see these events as ‘mere coincidences,’ and brush them aside, or we can view them as miracles; the choice is ours, to acknowledge or ignore them.
When we choose to live our lives with awareness and appreciation of coincidences, we have chosen to connect with the field of infinite possibilities, the birthplace of all miracles. And by paying attention to the synchronistic events, happening to us and all around us, we have the opportunity to respond to them with intention.
This process was explained from a Vedic perspective by Deepak Chopra in an interview with Jean Houston. Deepak noted that in Vedanta, synchronicity is understood to be the condition of Ritambharapragya, which is composed of three elements;
‘The first element is Ritam, meaning rhythm, the order of the Universe, embodied in the sutra, “I am alert, awake to coincidences, and know that they are messages from God. I flow with the cosmic dance.”
Bhara means “full of,” and Pragya means “mind.”  So Ritambharapragya is understood to mean a mind that is saturated with the rhythm of the cosmos. When the forces within you are in alignment with the forces of the Universe, and when a seed of intention or desire is planted in this field of pure potentiality (or field of choiceless awareness) it has infinite organizing power and orchestrates its own fulfillment.’

Finding the Rhythm of the Cosmos

Arriving at this place, this connection to synchronicity is not as simple as rubbing Aladdin’s lamp and waiting for a genie to appear to grant our all our wishes.
So how do we saturate our minds with the ‘rhythm of the cosmos’ and align ourselves with the forces of the Universe?
Meditation is the most powerful ‘technology’ we have for connecting to the Universe. Meditation is how we consciously turn our intentions and desires into reality and avoid being held prisoner by our conditioned (ordinary) minds. Meditation becomes our access to the ground of pure potentiality. And meditation allows us to plant the seeds of our intentions and desires into the subtle planes of consciousness, so we become co-creators of our reality.
Everything that happens in the universe starts with intention. But the question is, whose intention is it? Is it ours or is there something larger at work? How do we tell the difference between what we would like, our fantasies, and what we actually need, the universe’s intention for us?
And what happens when our desires arise in the ego mind instead of the universal mind? Trying to understand the difference between these two different levels of mind is the place where so many of us get stuck.

Meditation helps us discover the difference.
All our desires (Thoughts) arise first in the universal mind, before being interpreted by our individual mind, intellect and ego, then manifest as conscious thought. Through awareness, developed in meditative practice, we can not only watch our thoughts arise from the infinite, but we can watch as the ego mind interprets this energy and information as our intention or desire. This process of awareness helps us align ourselves more closely with the universe’s intentions instead of the egos.
For example, say, a person’s desire is to win the lottery, to become rich so they can quit their ‘worthless day job.’ They want to buy a new car and house so they can “show up” or at least “show off” to the jones. The underlying motivation here is finding a shortcut to self-confidence and security; and as a result they’re looking for happiness outside of themselves.
What they are really saying is, “I feel insecure about my position and unsure of my purpose in life. I spend a lot of my time and energy worrying my position and possessions because I need them in order to feel happy.”
The universe tends to give us exactly what we ask for, the problem is that the universe doesn’t hear words, the universe responds to energy and emotions. So when a person is consistently feeling unhappy or insecure the universe will respond to those feelings and emotions with more of the same.
And for many this is how life works, it’s a roller-coaster ride, feeling in the flow for a while with everything going smoothly, and then boom, seemingly out of nowhere, life is filled with chaos and uncertainty.
Meditation is the tool that allows us to interrupt this pattern. When we meditate we create space which gives us the opportunity to respond instead of react to life’s challenges. As we practice, awareness grows and changes begin to naturally take place in our everyday world and the roller-coaster ride begins to smooth out.
Guide Posts on the Path of Synchronicity
Here are some guide posts that you can look out for and cultivate with attention and intention as you move along the path of Synchronicity.
Keep an open mind and have the intention to experience coincidences and you will begin to experience them more often and when you do give them your attention.
Start where you are and have faith, there’s a bigger picture and the universes works in its own time. Remember it will bring you what you need and not necessarily what you want, but if you align yourself with the universe, ultimately you will receive more than you can imagine.
Others will test you by questioning your beliefs and doubt will stalk you but if act with integrity, clarity and purpose you will gain strength.
Keeping your eyes and heart open by expressing gratitude you will find yourself more and more in tune with the universe.
According to Vedanta there are only two measures that define whether a person is progressing on the path of Enlightenment. The first is all worrying begins to cease, and secondly, in every area of their lives, they encounter more and more meaningful coincidences and miracles.
Oh yes, and what is a miracle? According to Vedanta, miracles are understood to be the almost instantaneous fulfillment of intention and desire, that the time between having an intention or desire and its fulfillment is dramatically shortened.
Remember to enjoy the ride. Life is about observing, creating and participating with synchronicity, it’s about creating miracles.
Life is dancing to the rhythm of the cosmos.
~ Tommyji ~
Interview with Jean Houston & Deepak Chopra:

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