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Tantric Meditation Techniques Heat Up Your Sex Life


Tantric sex has been widely studied and has many interested students of the philosophy and practice of Tantra. Meditation techniques used before, during and after sex are seen as mysterious and difficult to acheive, which is not true, all that is required is a desire to learn and a willing partner.

Tantra may already ring a bell with you as it gained a profile some years back when rocker Sting and his wife Trudie emerged as fans of the practice. 

“Tantra is about seeing life as a meditation,” says Del. “So it can improve love-making as it encourages you to be wholly present, through simple methods such as breathing and body movements that make any experience of the senses — eating, sex and life in general — a much more intense and amazing experience.” 

Following her first experience in 2001, Del undertook Dawn’s training, and continues to teach couples and singles from her base in the west of Ireland. 

Tantra — a 5,000-year-old blend of Hindu and Buddhist teachings on intimate togetherness — is often misunderstood in the West, and conjures up unwelcome images of ageing hippies bonking to bad music. 

In fact, the practice is more meditation says Dawn, a slim 49-year-old with a tinkly American voice who has a strong following in the US and Europe, and a soft spot for our own little island.

Meditation techniques and The Tantric approach to life makes everything more intense, so naturally it makes sex more sensual, makes food taste better,music more joyful…etc…takes all the senses into consideration and allows for an adventurous spirit to emerge.  

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