Meditation Devices

Teenagers Wired to Take Risks


I didn’t need a special study to tell me there is an impact on teens today who have access to too much media. Studies being done now show that when you factor in all the stuff that kids have to deal with today, its no wonder they are all overwhelmed. It’s school, grades, after school sports, dating, sex, drugs, money, and the list goes on, then add the texting and cell phones that never get shut off. The brain of a teenager is not developed enough to process all these things and make good solid decisions. Buddhist Mindfulness meditation techniques helps rewire the brain patterns.

Teens are plugged into any number of devices, often even more so than adults, Aguirre uses mindfulness, derived from Buddhist meditation practice,

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Shutting down the devices seems to be the only way to get a little sanity back. It feels odd to walk out of the house with out your cell phone, the only contact with the rest of the world would be face to face conversations. Young people today are growing up not having as many face to face relationships. Meditation helps teens feel connected and opens channels of hope for them.

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