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Ten Keys to Happiness


1. Appreciate things around you. The world has dread all around but inside every distortion, there is a beauty that only eyes with appreciation can see. More importantly, you must appreciate yourself. Every one of us has a flaw, and the only thing to overcome those flaws is to see the beauty in it.

2. Accept the things you cannot change. Some circumstances in this world are far more than your control. All you have to do is let things happen the way they’re supposed to be.  Have a sense of contentment with what your current situation is and make the best out of it. It is fine to commit mistakes.

3. Forgive but never forget. People who have wronged you are in no position to pull you down.  Give them forgiveness to ease the pain they’ve caused you, but never forget their wrong actions for this will serve as a very useful lesson on your journey through life.

4. Never pretend.  Be yourself all the time. Do not change who you are for others. Life isn’t about other people. Life is all about you. Be the person that people will hate for your true identity than to be the person that people will love for faking yourself.

5. Have friends. No man is an island is an old saying but still very much applicable in our generation. You cannot face life alone. Seriously, no one can. Humans are meant to be together, work together, live together, and succeed together. It is human nature. Be there for others when they’re in need for those others are the people you can call friends and the same people who will help you when you’re in need.

6. Love your knowledge. It is very important to understand the reality in this world. You must learn how to use your knowledge properly and how to widen them.  Knowledge will bring you closer to success and it is something that cannot be taken away from you.

7. Overcome your fears. It may be hard at first but you must understand yourself that fear will just be a burden to you. You cannot be happy and afraid at the same time. This paradox must be stopped, and you’re the only one who can stop it. Face your fear and overcome it.

8. To be solitary for a moment. You need to reflect on your own. Meditate in your safe haven and evaluate your life. If you feel you need to change something or if you feel you’re in the wrong path, being alone and thinking by yourself is a great way to reflect. Sometimes you have to escape the noise outside. Go inside and enjoy yourself for a moment.

9. Use your time wisely. John Lennon once said “The time you enjoy wasting was not wasted.” Using your time wisely doesn’t mean you have to be productive.  Life is all about living to the fullest. Enjoy every moment of it. Savour each opportunity you get and be happy. This way, you’ll never regret the time you used as long as it gives you happiness.

10. Have faith and hope for the best. There will be a tapestry of life events that will pull you down and make you feel hopeless. But giving up is not an option. There might be certain reasons why those things are happening. You just need to have faith and believe that in every cloud in a storm has their silver lining.  So just smile through the hardships and hope for the best.

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