The 10 Worst Things About Meditating Every Day

Think meditating daily is all about peace and tranquility? Think again. Discover the 10 hard truths about daily meditation and why it’s not always a serene journey.

10 worst things about mediation

1. Time Consumption

Meditation is time-consuming.
It requires setting aside a portion of your day, consistently, which can be challenging in a busy lifestyle. Finding time amidst work, family, and social obligations often leads to stress, ironically counteracting meditation’s benefits. This daily commitment can sometimes feel like a burden, especially when your schedule is packed. You must prioritize and manage your time effectively.
Make time, but don’t let it overwhelm you.

2. Initial Discomfort

Starting is hard.
The early stages of meditation often involve physical discomfort, such as restlessness or difficulty in maintaining posture. Mental resistance, like wandering thoughts and an inability to focus, can be discouraging. This discomfort can deter people from continuing their practice, as they might interpret it as ineffectiveness. Adjusting to the silence and stillness of meditation takes time and patience.
Keep going, your body and mind will adapt.

10 Worst Things About Meditating

3. Frustration Over Progress

Progress can be slow.
Meditation’s benefits are not always immediately apparent, leading to impatience and frustration. People often have high expectations for quick, transformative results, which are unrealistic. This dissatisfaction can result in abandoning the practice prematurely. Understanding that meditation is a gradual process is crucial.
Stay patient, benefits will unfold over time.

10 Worst Things About Meditating

4. Overwhelming Emotions

Emotions surface.
Meditation can bring forth suppressed emotions and memories, which can be overwhelming. This emotional upheaval can sometimes be distressing and challenging to navigate. For those with traumatic pasts, these surfacing emotions can be particularly intense. Without proper guidance or support, this aspect of meditation can be daunting.
Embrace the process, but seek help if overwhelmed.

10 Worst Things About Meditating

5. Difficulty in Consistency

Consistency is tough.
Establishing and maintaining a daily meditation routine requires discipline and motivation. Life events, changes in routine, or simply a lack of motivation can disrupt your practice. This inconsistency can hinder the development of meditation’s full benefits. Regularity is key in meditation; it’s important to stay committed despite challenges.
Stay consistent, it’s worth the effort.

10 Worst Things About Meditating

6. Misinterpretation of Techniques

Techniques can be misunderstood.
Without proper guidance or instruction, there’s a risk of misapplying meditation techniques. This misapplication can lead to ineffective sessions or even adverse experiences. Each meditation style has its nuances, and understanding them is vital for a beneficial practice. Invest time in learning correctly.
Seek guidance, and practice wisely.

bad mediation done wrong

7. Social Misunderstanding

Others may not understand.
Engaging in a daily meditation practice can sometimes lead to social misunderstandings or judgments, especially from those unfamiliar with its benefits. This lack of support can feel isolating and discouraging. It’s important to find a community or group that shares your interest in meditation. Surround yourself with understanding people.
Stay strong in your practice.

Meditating when others disaprove

8. Unrealistic Expectations

Expectations can be misleading.
Viewing meditation as a panacea for all life’s problems is unrealistic. This mindset can lead to disappointment when challenges persist despite regular meditation. It’s essential to have a balanced view of what meditation can and cannot do. Adjust your expectations, and appreciate the gradual changes.
Meditation helps, but it’s not a magic cure.

mediating with unreasonable expectations

9. Physical Strain

It can be physically demanding.
Holding a meditation pose for an extended period can cause physical discomfort, especially for individuals with pre-existing health issues. This strain might discourage continuing the practice. It’s important to find a comfortable position and make adjustments as needed.
Listen to your body, and adjust accordingly.

bad meditation - too much pain

10. Mental Struggle

Quieting the mind is tough.
The mental effort required to achieve a state of stillness and focus in meditation can be exhausting. Battling with incessant thoughts and maintaining concentration requires significant mental discipline. This struggle can sometimes feel overwhelming and demotivating. But remember, the mental strength gained from meditation is invaluable.
Embrace the challenge, it strengthens your mind.

bad mediation. too many thoughts

What Did I Miss?

Please tell me in the comments if there is a challenge to daily meditation that I missed.

Jim Van Wyck – About the author
Jim has been teaching meditation, mindfulness, and positive self-talk since 1982, when he was first certified as a Certified TM Teacher. He has trained in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

He is co-founder of The Meditation Coach Institute (MCI) and author of MCI’s Mindfulness Coach Certification Training.
Jim is author of the ebook Mindfulness For Beginners.
He writes here at and at The Self Talk Center.
Jim’s Facebook Group, Meditation Techniques For Beginners, has over 45,000 members and his Facebook page Meditation Techniques Daily has 714,000 followers.

1 thought on “The 10 Worst Things About Meditating Every Day”

  1. Finding a quiet space to meditate without interruption.

    If silence is not possible choose another way to meditate.

    I find it beneficial to take a few minutes post meditation to journal. When time is limited I list three things I am thankful for, if I am particularly agitated after sitting I do Honopono an Hawaiian practise for forgiveness.

    Have a simple, brief routine to end you session. I hold my hands over my heart in namaste take three deep breathes and bow my head.

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