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The Best Books in Meditation


41hkgapBdwL._SL160_Meditation is best learned from experts themselves. It’s often difficult to find a guide that will help you learn its art and practice. Fortunately, there are a few good books that can help you learn its intricacies.

1. Mindfulness in Plain English by Ven. Bhante Hanapola Gunarathne

We often read—or hear—about meditation in very complicated terms. In this site, we try to keep it plain, simple, and easy to apply—just like this book by Ven. Bhante Hanapola Gunaranthe. It deserves its bestseller spot in Amazon, as it explains Visappana meditation in a language that’s neither complicated nor abstract. If you want to learn meditation fast and easy, try this book. It starts with a rule that most people forget: breathe.

2. Opening to Meditation: A Gentle Guided Approach by Diana Lang

Perfect for Westerners, this book is a comprehensive guide to what you need to know about meditation. It’s grouped in three sections: (1) the art of meditation, (2) how to practice, and (3) common questions. What makes this book one of the best in meditation is its practical treatment of meditation, without leaving out its spiritual and philosophical aspects.

3. How to Reduce Stress, Get Healthy, and Find Your Happiness in Just 15 Minutes a Day by Rachel J Rofe

For a book, it certainly promises a lot. What’s even more amazing is that it manages to deliver. With 15 minutes a day—a short time to spend for something so life-changing—you can learn how to better manage your day. The meditation routines in this book are simple and effective enough—15 minutes is all that it takes.  (Read the other best books on meditation here.)

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