Meditation Techniques

The Best Non-Scientific Benefits of Meditation


This article focuses on the non medical benefits of meditation. The reality is meditation changes your perspective. You like yourself more, therefore it’s easier for you to like others and the world and when that happens more and more good things start to emerge from the practice of connecting with yourself.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to a Shamatha meditation practice, or — if you already have a practice — to revisit the foundations with you. The Practice of Tranquility is more than 2500 years old and has been practiced by countless people over the centuries. Try this meditation video and find a little peace and tranquility.
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Sometimes we try new things and we don’t get the results we are expecting. When it comes to meditation, everyone is unique and your experiences will also be unique. Try to practice often and remember that even small achievments are important, meditation can take a life time to master so take it slow and enjoy the learning process.

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