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The Connection Between Meditation and Sex


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As you most likely know, the brain is highly complex and many studies are conducted on the brain to see how it works and the effects of our actions (and vice-versa) on the brain.  A particular study done fairly recently found some interesting results in what lit up the right side of the brain and what lit up the left side.  It has previously been thought that the left brain was primarily the domain of pleasure…but the study found that the right side was lighting up during orgasm.

Meditation lights up the left side of the brain and Tibetan Buddhist monks showed the largest bump of activity in the left prefrontal cortex when they were meditating on compassion.  Isn’t that awesome? Meditating on Compassion!

Anyway…So what is the connection? The brain showed similar activity during sex and during meditation – although on different sides of the brain.

The Connection Between Meditation and Sex

When you meditate, the left side of your brain lights up and when you have sex, the right side of your brain lights up — both experiences leading to a stoppage of mental chatter in your brain and helping you lose physical and mental boundaries. (Original post here)

Each activity helps you lose the physical and metal boundaries in different ways, however, and I’m not trying to say that sex is in any way a substitution to meditation (it is NOT!).  BUT!  The research does seem to explain the way sex seems to sometimes touch the heart and soul…in that it can potentially clear away our mental talk and allow us to simply live in the moment.

Treated as a sacred act, sex can allow you a glimpse of what meditation can do for you on a long term basis in feeling present and happy in each moment.

What do you think about that? Does that help you get a little more motivated to make meditation a part of your daily routine?  We certainly hope so!

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