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The Brother of the Dalai Lama, Takes Anti-depression Meds.


On a mission to India to ask meditation gurus if there is any way to use meditation techniques to alleviate or eliminate the symptoms of the medical disorder known as “bi-polar”, which the Dalai Lamas brother has been suffering from. He says he will not risk going off his medication because he could relapse go another round with depression.

“Investigating the Mind: The Science and Clinical Applications of Meditation” was organized by a team of neuroscientists, spiritual leaders and “contemplatives,” including the Dalai Lama, Father Thomas Keating, Dr. Richard Davidson and Dr. Jon

We are under the assumption that meditation techniques are safe for everyone to use, however for some with mental disorders meditation can have the opposite of the intended effects. The problem is that some mental disorders cause a person to hyper-focus too much on their thoughts and for them that is extremely stressful.

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