How To Meditate

The Four Citizens: A Passover Meditation


An unusual look at the connection we all have to our community and the different ways we choose to express that connection. Lessons learned from the Haggadah where we retell the story of Passover and look at the ways we can incorporate these lessons into our lives. Meditation on the way we live…

by Dan Brook In the Passover Haggadah, we retell the story of our ancient enslavement in Egypt as well as our escape from that slavery. One of the central parts of this story is the parable of the four children, who each ask their own question with

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Communities need their members to be involved in what ever way they possibly can. The strength of a community depends on how the bonds develop through good and bad times. Meditation is a bond that builds between you and your inner self, this often helps the community at the same time.

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