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The Meditation Techniques of Gratitute

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meditation techniques of gratitudeHere’s a wonderful article from the good folks over at True Yoga.  The do not say so explicitely, but the whole thing is about the meditation techniques of gratitude.

If you have ever meditated on gratitude for any period of time at all, I am sure you have noticed  that the meditation techniques of gratitude make every aspect of your life a little easier.

We are all so blessed and it’s time we realize it.  It doesn’t have anything to do with dollars in the bank account.  It has to do with the Spirit within us and all around us that moves in every cell and molecule of our being.  The Spirit that ignites us to life.  This Spirit of Life/Light is briliant…brighter than a thousand million suns and moons and stars.  I am grateful because I feel like I am finally waking up.  Like I am finally coming out of the slumber of the last many years of my life.  When Buddha was asked if he was a God or a man, he simply replied, ‘I am awake.’  Yoga is the practice of attuning ourselves with this Light…the Light of God/Consciousness/Love.  It certainly helps to live a healthy life, as much as possible, to be attuned with that Light.  Fasting, cleansing and eating healthily are powerful practices for attuning ourselves most powerfully with that Light and clearing our body, heart and mind for the sanctuary of Light and Love that God intends us to be.  He intends us to be a clear channel to share that Light in the most positive way possible with others.  Is it easy always? No.  But, I do believe the healthier we become in our choices, keeping in mind moderation is the key to life in everything (I believe…even healthy stuff…gotta indulge a little sometimes)…the clearer we become and the more easily that Light and Love can flow within us and through us to everyone and everything.  Certainly meditation is one of the most powerful tools for aligning our body, heart and mind with that Light of Consciousness and Love.  And, don’t be hard on yourself.  When stuff that doesn’t feel positive comes up, just let it go.  Let go of judging yourself or anyone else.  It’s a good thing when those thoughts or feelings come up because then we can release it and let it go and come back to the Transcendental Absolute.

Read the entire article here – it’s wonderful!

I sincerely believe that gratitude, and especially the meditation techniques of gratitude will have a particularly powerful effect on your personal happiness and sense of well being.

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