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The Public Meditation Techniques Of Flashmobs – Trafalger

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public meditation techniquesOn this website we love public meditation techniques!  We support public displays of meditation where ever they occur!

One of the most interesting new developments in spreading ideas is the flashmob. Here’s what they say about  flashmobs and meditation over at the always-excellent Wildmind website.

Flash Mobs are large groups of people who gather “spontaneously” in a public place, perform an unusual act then quickly disperse. On June 2, the Wake Up London sangha organized a flashmob meditation in London’s Tragalgar Square, which attracted several hundred participants. The event was modeled on public meditations such as the one in Austin, Texas, that took place this spring.

Read the entire article, with lots of great pictures here



Are you as supportive of these public meditation techniques with “flashmobs” as I am?  If you are, there are lots ore images of the flashmob meditation are available on the group’s Facebook page.

I am interested in what you have to say about meditating in public.  Please share your thoughts in the comment area below.

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1 Comment

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