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Throwing Tantrum’s? There’s a Meditation For That


“The Doctors” TV show has made taking care of your health a little more accessible. It is a popular show that has been dishing out medical information in bite sized chunks and addressing problems that affect many – like anger and stress.  This video clip shows the doctors talking about an experience that one of their staff had with a meditation expert.  As a stressed out new mom, she was having a problem with anger.  Been there, done that, right? Throwing tantrums? There’s a meditation for that!

Using some tools to help when stressful situations arise, the staff member was able to harness her emotions and make a different choice in her behavior before she lost control.  Breathing exercises and some mindfulness techniques helped her to feel more calm and able to control her reactions to situations that triggered a stress response in her. In short, she loved the training and the experience.

Throwing Tantrum’s? There’s a Meditation For That


Would you like to experience something like this?  Meditation in general can really help you and an exploration of the techniques that work best for you is suggested.  If you are short on time like the doctors and women in the clip were talking about, may we suggest Dr. Kilstein’s quick and easy meditation program?  Click below to check it out:

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