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Two is Better than One


1415067048008_Two-people-meditatingThe best things in life come when you have someone to share it with. Like many of what these are is meditation. Usually this practice is seen as a solo act wherein the person undergoes a spiritual and mental journey inside his own consciousness. However many fail at their attempts to make this a habit because they either don’t know how to follow through, can’t find the right inspiration or is in need of proper guidance.

If you are someone who regularly does meditation, this method can be a way to incorporate a new and fresh sense of enlightenment apart from your usual routine. Sharing personal experiences and tips to each other can enhance the whole experience immensely. Here are a few tips to get you started on it!

1.      Choose a method where you’re both most comfortable.

The good thing that comes with this type of meditation is that you can do it in your own convenience. It can be through video chat or personal, whatever will be most productive for the both of you. The bottom line is that there are no restrictions when it comes to this and it will ultimately benefit the two parties.

2.      Communication is the key.

Although there is a misunderstanding that meditation can only be done in complete and utter silence, doesn’t mean that this should stop you from speaking. Talk to your partner and share a few things about your ways and methods along with how you usually handle yourself and your thoughts. A good exchange is great to build a stronger bond and a deeper meditation.

3.      Pick out the best technique.

A great way to find the best meditation technique that fits you both is by suggesting many until you’ve come to the right decisions. Talk about what makes you feel the good afterwards and listen to what your partner has to say. When all are laid down, make a choice and try everything else where both of you can stand on middle ground.

4.      Post-meditation sharing.

Sharing is one of the most important steps in doing this. After your session, make sure to check up on your partner and talk about certain details that happened during meditation. Try to look for things that you both haven’t done and try it together. Make this a way to get out of your comfort zone to try and look at things from the perspective of others.

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