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Types of Meditation for the Busiest of the Busy


1403730487079_eating-meditationThe world nowadays has evolved to become a fast-paced one. You often have too much on your plate. May it be work appointments and workloads, or a dinner date with some old buddies, or maybe even a family reunion, whatever the matter is, the point is that your days are almost always jam-packed.

For the young tycoons and rising entrepreneurs, meditation can be considered too time-consuming to even be beneficial for them. This age-old tradition has been resurfacing the past few years probably because people see the need for it once again. You can’t deny the good meditation can bring to a person’s mind and body, and just because your schedule is too full doesn’t mean you can’t get to experience it.

There are many forms of meditation in today’s time. Some of them have been around for decades, but now there are new ones that have been tailored for the always pre-occupied.


Eating meditation

Let’s start with easiest and simplest of them all. Everybody eats, use this moment to find realization and actualization in yourself. As silly as this may sound, it actually works. This type of meditation doesn’t require you to get down on the floor, cross your legs, place your hands on your lap and say “om” repeatedly.

Eating meditation simply needs you to focus on your food. Not only chew it, but savor and relish every bite of it. Feel the texture and take notice of the contrasting flavors. Mind the appearance and its aroma. Be one with what you’re eating and you’ll find a better sense of focus. This doesn’t have to be with every meal too.


Electronics Swap-out

Many of us can be guilty of using gadgets and social media every during breaks. We grab every chance we can to even just get a small taste of the internet. Instead of doing so, practicing this form of meditation can help reinvigorate yourself but put your concentration back on track as well.

As the name suggests, you swap your electronics with something a little bit more soothing. Utilize your break times for meditation instead. Make yourself aware of your surroundings. Tell yourself of your present location at the given time and just slowly inhale and exhale.


Walking Meditation

This is, without a doubt, one of the daily tasks a person must do is walking. But, you can also use this time as a time for meditation and not just for getting to your work or meetings. Sometimes, before finishing your duties, it is quite good to do a little detour from your usual path.

Wander for a few minutes or so. Stroll around the park or to a different neighborhood and just feel the aura of the surroundings. Doing this along with focusing attention on your footsteps and on your breathing can help calm the mind and soul.

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