Meditation Techniques

Types of Meditation Depending on Your Lifestyle


Mudra1There are literally dozens of meditation styles out there. Not all of them will work for you. The best meditation style is the one that will help you give that inner peace of mind and focus your energy. You don’t right away know if a meditation style doesn’t work for you, but you’ll know when you’ve found the right one. Compared to other styles you’ve tried, you feel vibrant, almost euphoric, with the best meditation style.

Here are a variety of meditation styles that might work for you depending on your personality type.

Metta Meditation for the Outgoing Person

If you’re a people person, you might want to try the metta meditation, as this type will help you concentrate all that loving kindness inside of you, and reverberate it for other people to feel as well. All you have to do is focus your attention for five minutes on positive energy. Inhale deeply as you let thoughts of love flow inside and out of you.

Breathing Meditation for the Extremely Busy

It’s a quick fix that’s preferable for people who need to centralize their thoughts and focus. The breathing meditation doesn’t take an enormous amount of effort, but the payoff is quite impressive: you get to combat high-pressure stress and anxiety, all for two minutes. What you need to do for the entire two minutes is to follow your breath. Just follow your breath through your mind as it goes in and out of your nose.

What happens here is that by focusing on your breathing alone, you let go of the past and stop wandering into the future.

Sensory Meditation for those with Food Issues

If you have weight concerns or cope with stress through emotional eating, sensory meditation will certainly be of help. It won’t take away the joy of eating, but even make it more rewarding. As you prepare to take your first bite of the meal, be it a full-blown entrée or even just your appetizer, appreciate its beautiful preparation. Don’t let yourself be distracted by what’s happening around you, so try not to multitask as you eat. Then, savor each bite as the flavors explode in your mouth.

Heart Sutra Meditation for the Perfectionist

Are you the type who simply won’t relish the moment and try to find the error in everything? He solution is heart sutra meditation: an affirmative type of meditation, where you will repeat the following words to yourself for five minutes: “peace, harmony, laughter, and love”. AS you repeat these words slowly and with as much self-compassion as you can muster, you will find yourself opening up and becoming a person who accepts rather than finds fault in everything.

Chanting Meditation for the Uptight

Here’s a form of meditation that can help you ease your burden. Find a song that you can’t help but sing along to. Just be in the moment, let your hair down, and have a good time.

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