Unlock the Secret to Breaking Bad Habits with This Ancient Kundalini Meditation

Discover a powerful 3-minute meditation from Yogi Bhajan that targets the brain’s central cortex to break bad habits. This ancient practice, known as the addiction meditation, utilizes sound codes and specific hand positions to rewire your subconscious mind and eliminate cravings effectively.

Key insights About This Guided Meditation To Break Bad Habits

  • The addiction meditation works with the central cortex of the brain to break subconscious habit patterns and cravings.
  • Kundalini Yoga uses sound codes and mantras to tune in before practice.
  • The practice of vibrating the sound mentally can be a powerful tool for breaking bad habits and addictions.
  • The three minutes may feel very long, but it is so worthwhile and everyone has three minutes.

To get the best results from the guided meditation video below:

— find a place where you can sit quietly without being disturbed
— headphones are helpful but not required
— repeat at least once a day, twice is better, in the morning and evening

The Addiction Meditation: Transform Your Cravings in 3 Minutes

Step 1: Tuning In

Before starting Kundalini Yoga, tune in with a mantra.
Bring your palms together, thumbs at the heart center. Inhale deeply and chant, “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.”
Repeat this three times.
Take a deep inhale, hold the breath, press the palms together, roll your eyes up and in, and exhale.

Step 2: Positioning

Bring your fingers to the pads of your palms and extend your thumbs out.
Place the thumbs gently on your temples without pressing in.
Squeeze your back molars lightly.
You should feel a subtle movement under your thumbs, indicating the correct position.

Step 3: Vibrating the Mantra

Sit tall and close your eyes.
Roll your eyes up and in.
Breathe deeply through your nose.
As you squeeze your back molars, mentally vibrate the sound “Sa Ta Na Ma” with each squeeze.
Keep the vibration steady and rhythmic. Focus on the sound of your mental vibration.

Step 4: Holding the Breath and Engaging the Mula Bandha

For the last 30 seconds, maintain the rhythmic mental vibration of the mantra.
Inhale deeply, hold the breath, and sit up tall.
Engage the Mula Bandha by contracting the muscles of the rectum, sex organs, and lower abdomen simultaneously.
Imagine you’re stopping the flow of urination.
Roll your eyes up and in.

Step 5: Embracing the Duration

The three minutes may feel long, but this is part of the meditation’s power.
It deeply reprograms your subconscious mind.
Remember, everyone has three minutes to spare for profound transformation.

About The Author

Jim Van Wyck

Jim has been teaching meditation, mindfulness, and positive self-talk since 1982, when he was first certified as a Certified TM Teacher. He has trained in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).
He is co-founder of The Meditation Coach Institute (MCI) and author of MCI’s Mindfulness Coach Certification Training.
Jim is author of the ebook Mindfulness For Beginners.
\Jim writes here at MeditationTechniques.co and at The Self Talk Center.
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