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How to Use Meditation to Invite Love to Your Life


Is there a remote connection between meditation and love at all? Believe it or not, meditation can be effective in attracting love to your life. As shown in the video below, you can use meditation to manifest love into your lives this year.

This is a meditation that you can do, perhaps before you start your day or start a night-out with your friends. First of all, sit in a comfortable position with your hands upturned—so as to invite love in your life.  After taking a deep inhale and exhale, start the breathing exercises—pay attention to your heartbeat, along with other body cues that your body is sending to you. More than anything, communicate with yourself, with your body—as communication is key to any great relationship.

Now, ask yourself, how can you be more open? How can you welcome love into your life? That means opening your heart and eyes, in full recognition of opportunities around—your relationships with friends and the people that go along your way. You can see the love if you open your eyes to what’s around you.

Here are three mantras that can accompany you as you perform the meditation exercises: “I am worthy.” “I am open to love.” “I am with my ideal mate.”

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