How To Meditate

Want to Quiet Your Mind, Relieve Stress? Try yoga


You can start doing yoga even if all you can do is sit in a chair. Many patients have little or no mobility left in their arms, shoulders, legs and torso. I’ve seen some older gals start with working from a chair and through meditation techniques and yoga stretches and movements they advance gradually and in a few weeks time they are out of the chair and in the front row, doing much more than they ever thought they could do.

Gareis, a registered yoga teacher and owner of Earth Yoga, will be among the first to say that the regular practice of yoga has changed her life for the better. “In the meditation of yoga, you let go of all your little baggage. When you do that,

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Emily Gareis, yoga teacher who owns Earth Yoga and practically guarantees if you aren’t feeling great and are so out of shape you think you can’t exercise come in and start with the basics. Stretching, breathing, learning about your mind and body at your own pace. One thing is for sure, no one ever regrets learning yoga and meditation. You may not use it constantly forever and ever, but when you need it you’ll be glad you know it.

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