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What is Insight Meditation?

Insight meditation provides a very simple method for reducing the stress, the suffering, in one’s life. It is based on two observations. First, that when we resist reality, either by trying to hold on to an experience or by trying to push it away, we create stress and suffering for ourselves. And second, that when we are simply present for our lives in this moment, rather than with holding on or pushing away, then we can experience some of the clarity and peacefulness that is always available to us but usually obscured by the effort to control life. When we are present in the moment, our lives become more vibrant.

Insight meditation teaches us how to be present. It teaches us to relate differently to our experiences through opening our hearts and our minds to whatever arises in our lives in the moment. Insight meditation is also a method for investigating our experience. It is a way to see for ourselves if it is true that holding on and pushing away our experience leads to stress and suffering. And it is a way to see if it is true that clarity and peacefulness are available when we relax and let go into our lives in this moment. We will investigate these questions by learning to relate to our experience with two qualities of mind and heart: kindness and mindfulness.

What Is Insight Meditation – Video



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