How To Meditate

What is Sahaja Meditation?


Awakening the Kundalini energy begins with Sahaja meditation. Each meditation technique is designed to clean and stimulate the energy within it’s corresponding chakra. The power of the chakras to control our behaviors and the way we perceive things is well known by those in the field. Work on these energy vortexes balances the individual and heals many lifelong wounds.

All over world, human beings believe they can find solutions to their problems in new products, medicines and technology. Most aren’t aware that deep within themselves resides a most potent and transformational energy. What if there was a simple method for you to tap into the power and energy lying deep within you, allowing you to better yourself emotionally, physically and mentally? Sahaja Meditation is just that — a system of guided mental relaxation and inner balancing techniques that can bring about profound spiritual and emotional calm, wellness and clarity. Sahaja Meditation was first…

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Sahaja Meditation is complex and if you are just beginning to learn the intricacies of this practice you will probably want to seek either some very good books or an experienced Chakra Meditation expert. With the help of someone who knows all the meanings and interactions between the chakras you will benefit more quickly and safely.

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