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What Meditation Feels Like


How do you know you are meditating?

As you are getting started with a meditation routine, you may be wondering “what does it feel like when you meditate?  How do I know if I am meditating?”  This is a very valid question and one that is not the easiest to answer.  But, offers the following in the way of an explanation and answer.

They say that you should first evaluate the “Why” of your desire to meditate.  The question of if you are meditating or not is somewhat tied in with your purpose in beginning to meditate to begin with.  If you are wanting to feel more calm and peaceful, then if you feel more calm and peaceful, then your meditation is successful – therefore you must be meditating correctly.

In a general sense, mediation aims to help you overcome your metal chatter by training you to help shift your mind in the direction you want.  This shift should not go so far as to end in a sleepy or dream like state…but rather, a more centered place where you are both relaxed and also clear and alert to what is going on in your mind.  You are aware of your thoughts, but not ruled by them, as described below.

What Meditation Feels Like

But at this point, you’re less disturbed by any of them. You’re aware of their presence, taking mental note of them, but they won’t distract your focus.

What if you fail to find this mental equilibrium during meditation? Does it mean you’re not meditating?

Certainly not. Every meditation practice moves you closer and closer to your inner center point and is never done in vain, regardless of how unfruitful it may appear.

Even if you spend most of your time trying to locate this equilibrium, pulling yourself back from distraction or boredom again and again to your chosen point of focus, rest assure that your time is not wasted.  (Read more here)

There are days you will get to this centered place quite easily, some days where it takes more time and some effort and some days where you will not be able to get there at all.  This is part of the process and is perfectly normal and to be expected.

As you continue to practice, the ‘off’ days will be fewer and farther between.  The more you meditate, the better you will be able to pull on your reserves of feeling calm and at peace even when you are not in an actual meditative state.  This is the payoff for being persistent and consistent.

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