How To Meditate

I Believe Yoga and Meditation Changed My Life


Another skeptic turns believer! After learning she had contracted Lyme disease this young 30 something decided to turn to yoga and meditation techniques to relieve pain and stiffness. Of course now she can t’ live without meditation, it seems to help her cope with her illness in so many ways.

By Kathryn Goetzke I used to think that Yoga and Meditation were the same thing. In my twenties, I rolled my eyes at both, preferring the adrenaline pumping action of movement – any movement – to the quiet stillness of what I thought was wasted time.

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Lyme disease causes pain in the joints and muscles and when a person has to deal with constant pain they must find a way to turn down the volume once and a while or they go a little crazy. Rather than use pills or other harmful forms of pain relief why not try meditation to see if it could work for your discomfort.

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