How To Meditate

Yoga Can Give Your Heart Rhythm


In a recent study at the University of Kansas, patients with atrial fibrillation were given some good medicine; Yoga! The purpose of the study was to what effects practicing yoga would have on the heart health of patients who are high risk for atrial fibrillation.

During the first three months patients participated in any type of physical activity they chose; in the next three months they joined a supervised yoga program consisting of breathing exercises, yoga postures, meditation, and relaxation 45 minutes a day.

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Not a replacement for medication but by adding meditation techniques along with yoga the benefits for patients are clear. Without taking any additional medicine or spending any time in the hospital they were able to document marked improvement for a serious condition. The impact of those kinds of benefits could be seen in greater numbers if yoga were to become part of the treatment for lowering blood pressure and heart rate disturbances.

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