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Yoga Fights Fibromyalgia Pain

While this is a short article about a small study that was done on Fibromyalgia patients, the results are very exciting. There is so little concrete evidence to explain this mysterious illness, yet I know people who have it and it is very real and very serious. Many of the symptoms of widespread aches and muscle spasms, poor sleep, stomach upset and depression are all things that yoga and meditation techniques are good for. I hope more studies are done, because these people suffer terribly and there are very few answers for them medically right now. 

One group was treated only with medication, while the other group participated in a yoga program for eight weeks. The yoga program included breathing practices, simple yoga poses, moments of meditation and times when the group came together and talked.


MD News (press release)

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Participants in the study had remarkable improvement in pain, sleep problems, muscle spasms, depression and fatigue. For those who suffer with this illness any improvements that come without a prescription and side effect are a step in the right direction. Even medications that are on the market today do not work for everyone and have serious side effects for many. No one is saying that yoga and meditation will cure everything, but for something so simple the results are very promising.

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